Selecting the Right Yard Sign

There’s no doubt that putting your home on a realty or For Sale by Owner website can do wonders in terms of having the listing be seen by thousands of potential buyers. But just because the process is now streamlined in the digital age doesn’t mean that you should forgo traditional marketing tactics entirely.

Though often overlooked, having the right yard sign can either make or break your sale since it can open the door to other interested buyers who either drive or walk past your home on a regular basis.

What type of sign should I look for?

Simply put, the larger the sign and the more legible the text, the better. That’s not to say that it’s advisable to spray paint “For Sale” on a sheet of plywood and plop it in your front yard. But you don’t want to have a sign so small that those passing by can’t read vital information, like your phone number or the listing’s web address.

As a result, your best bet is to purchase your own 52-inch straight arm sign – similar to those used by real estate companies – online or build your own. The primary reason these types of signs are effective is because they are elevated in your yard and not at ground level. Thus, there is a far less chance that it could become blocked from street view.

Additionally, having smaller signs at the beginning of your neighborhood or subdivision that points potential buyers in the direction of your home can help, especially if you live on a back or side road. To do this, simply count the number of turns from the nearest main road to your home and use that many smaller directional signs.

A brochure box is key

While the main information about your home will fit on a yard sign, you may want to provide potential buyers with additional material that can better inform them about your property. By attaching a brochure box to your sign, interested buyers can have some of their questions answered by the accompanying flyer, thus possibly saving you unnecessary phone calls.

And you don’t have to be a designer to make your own For Sale by Owner brochures. Typing up a short description of your home, complete with two to three main photos, in a word document can do the trick. However, make sure the photos are printed in color to fully convey the interior and exterior appearance of your home.